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Love your pet this Valentine’s Day

Amy Holloway

As February 14th descends upon us once again the team at Clent Hills Vets are looking forward to a quiet weekend that’s free of Valentine’s based pet woe…  

Make sure everyone stays loved up this year by following our head nurse Chrissie’s three top health tips for pets in Worcestershire: 


Tip 1

There will be plenty of flowery surprises delivered at this time of year but don’t forget that many flowers can be poisonous for our furry friends.  Amongst other flora, cats and dogs don’t do well if they get hold of; Lilies, Tulip bulbs or early Daffodils. So, if you’ve had a bouquet bonus keep them well out of reach.

Tip 2

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether you’re sending it or receiving it the smell can be irresistible to pets and humans alike.   The problem is that chocolate can be toxic to many animals. Our advice is to get this pet snaffle-able danger out of harm’s way by scoffing the lot in a single sitting and simply sending your very best wishes instead.

valentines day chocolates are toxic to dogs

Tip 3

We know there’ll be bubbles galore over the Valentine’s week but like chocolate and flowers alcohol is not good at all for your pet.  Whilst there are a number of pet safe drinks that you can get them if you must…. honestly…. if you really love them, give them some nice clean water. 


But ‘Hang on!’ we hear you cry, ‘What if I do want to get my pet something to show them I care?’  Well, two options occur to us to be ideal, appropriate and above all healthy gifts.

  • The first is to give them a good grooming.  Most pets love nothing more than a bonding brushing session, it’s good for their coats and they’ll love the attention.  
  • Alternatively, and if you really want to push the boat out and get with the #WeHeartValentines theme, why not bring your pet in so we can have a listen to their heart (and you can too if you like)?  There is nothing we love more than the sound of a healthy heart and it’s a great way to check that they’re in tip top condition.


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If your pet does suffer a Valentine’s Day mishap, remember you can call us any time of the day or night in an emergency, on 01527 889810.

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