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Move to a new home!

Amy Holloway

The outside of our new surgery

As many of our clients will be aware we at Clent Hills have brought a new premises for our Bromsgrove surgery so in the new year we will be moving! The premises is the former doctors- St. Johns surgery on the Kidderminster Road in Bromsgrove. The building is 4117 square feet and is set over 2 storeys- so much space for a small feline like me! It therefore provides scope for expansion and I have personally approved plans for a completely new layout so we can provide all the modern facilities we wish for our clients without compromising and therefore the best available treatment for your pets! We are very excited about the new plans and Rebekka my Practice Manager has been following progress and has taken some photos of the building work in progress so we can keep you up to date with progress…. 

The new waiting room and reception area

The outside of our new surgery is being rendered so scaffolding has gone up so they can start next week. It will be rendered in an off white colour and then will have floor lights so it will be lit up at night. 

The partition walls going up between consultation rooms

The image on the left shows the new waiting and reception area. Lots of walls have been removed to create this open space. The glass door you can see across the open space-on the left hand side of the picture is the new door that will lead to consultation rooms.

The right hand image shows the partition walls going up to create the new consultation rooms. There will be 5 consult rooms in total.

This is the ward area and shows the walls coming down to create the kennels

The image below shows the new  kennel area. As you can see the walls in the area are coming down. There will be completely separate wards for dogs and cats/small animals.

The dog ward has been designed to have some large walk in kennels and the cat area will be completely separated and will have a glass wall on one side for observation. Both these things are specifically designed to reduce the stress for our feline inpatients as much as possible. I indeed have personally insisted on it! 

The space that will be the new two operating theatres


The image below is of the space that will be the two new theatres. There will also be a large imaging room and a completely separate dental laboratory.

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