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Too much toe fur gets miniature Dachshund Ted into trouble

Amy Holloway

As an unusually soft wire-haired miniature Dachshund, Ted is a regular at Clent Hills Vets with complaints relating to his paws. Ted’s super-soft fur grows super long between his toes and he’s not a fan of having it trimmed. Sometimes it gets so matted with grit and grime from his many adventures that not even an invigorating shower or a long soak in the bath can shift it.

Ted had been over-licking his paws again recently, which last year led to a nasty sore under the matting as his licking had pushed it deeper into his skin. Not wanting him to go through that again, I took Ted to see JT at Clent Hills Vets in Hagley.

Ted looked adoringly into JT’s eyes but was not happy having his toes looked at, probably because they were irritating him so much. Vet JT confirmed there was some matting on the underside of both paws and it would need to be removed.

So that Ted would remain calm enough to have the matting removed safely, he was given a light sedative and lots of love from nurse Chrissie. Once relaxed and comfortable, JT used the mini clippers to remove a chunk of matted hair and dirt from each paw and then trimmed the rest of Ted’s ‘toe fur’ to give him a rest-bite from this ongoing complaint.

Vet JT removed matted fur and dirt from in between Ted the miniature dachshund's toes
Top tip from JT when shaving your dog’s ‘toe fur’ – don’t trim it too short between the toes as it can cause itching and a rash when it grows back!


Ted came around from his short rest a few locks of hair lighter, so so much less irritated! Until the next time…

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