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Amy Holloway

I like to be involved in all that goes on around the surgery and feel no doors should be closed to me! I sometimes try and visit the inpatients, I consider myself somewhat of a help to their morale, a kind of welfare visitor! However the lady’s in green don’t seem to appreciate my presence in the kennels and keep me out.

I am also not allowed to observe the vets consultations which I feel is most unfair as I am highly intelligent and a sponge to knowledge!

Just relaxing on the Prep room table

So living in a vets surgery is certainly interesting and I feel I should introduce you to some of my domain. This is the Prep room- the preparation room. This area and the table I am lying on is used to prepare animals for surgery. Also for procedures that are non sterile such as taking blood and urine samples and non sterile surgery like a dental.

The room behind you can see is our operating theatre where sterile procedures take place. Behind me you can see the anaesthetic machine. When an animal is anaesthetised their is always a lady in green with the vet to monitor, as well as monitoring equipment.

Most of the furry clients that come here really do not like the Prep room table but when all is quiet and we are between surgery times I do like to recline here and spend some quality time with my ladies in green who always seem to be so busy!…

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