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My visit to The Cinnamon Trust Sanctuary for Bereaved Pets

Amy Holloway

marketing manager amy holloway standing outside poldark farm, cinnamon trust pet sanctuaryOn a recent holiday in Cornwall, I had the pleasure of visiting one of The Cinnamon Trust’s Sanctuary’s for bereaved pets and I was in complete awe from the moment I stepped through the gates.

The Cinnamon Trust became our first ever Charity of the Year back in January after hearing all about them at a local event. They are a national charity for the elderly, the terminally ill and their pets, with 15,000+ volunteers UK-wide who help with dog walking, pet sitting and other tasks. The Trust also works to encourage care homes across the UK to become pet-friendly and they take on the life-long care of pets entrusted to them in people’s wills.

amy holloway gets cuddles from miniature dachshund luna bellaOn arrival at the sanctuary, I was greeted by about 8 elderly dogs, all very pleased to see a new face. They guided me into the farmhouse kitchen, which seemed to be one of their favourite places to hang out, each with their own bed and food bowl. I have to say, I was especially excited to meet Luna-Bella, a 12-year-old long haired dachshund…my favourite! I managed to get plenty of cuddles with her.

Set in multiple acres of land, Poldarves Farm in Cornwall is home to a number of bereaved pets who have sadly lost their owners and could not be rehomed due to factors such as their age or being medically dependent.

The Sanctuary is a peaceful haven full of green space, comfortable lounging areas, home-cooked meals and wonderful people for these pets to spend their remaining time with.

TV room for the dogs at the cinnamon trust sanctuaryWhilst there, I had the pleasure of meeting Emma, Senior Sanctuary Manager, who along with her team showed me around the farm. Each room you go into has been designed with the animals in mind. They can watch TV, take naps and generally lounge about, but most of them are by Emma’s heels, following her around the place to see what adventures they can go on next.

Emma told me that when the box we sent down with our head nurse Emma arrived, full of our March donation drive goodies from all of you, it was like Christmas for the dogs especially. They all had their noses excitedly in the box and all went away with something for themselves. I would have loved to have been in the room when that happened!

two cats living out their days at the cinnamon trust bereaved pet sanctuaryPoldarves Farm is home to a variety of dogs, cats, horses, tortoises, ducks, squirrels and other happy pets who have found their forever home after the sad loss of their owners.

In the grounds of the farm, there is a memorial garden, where the animals who have passed on are laid to rest and commemorated. It didn’t feel like a sad place at all, it felt like a wonderful happy ending for these much-loved animals in a place where they’d spent their remaining months or years, getting nothing but love and attention.

Seeing the Sanctuary first-hand showed me how wonderful The Cinnamon Trust people are and how valuable and unique their work truly is.

I was also able to visit their head office during my trip and meet the caring people who work there. Being animal lovers, they are a pet-friendly workplace, which made for a very happy and waggy tail welcome for me and my husband! Patrick, who is the Trust’s Head of Community Service, showed me around and introduced me to the team, who provide support to a huge number of people across the UK.

head office at the cinnamon trust where workers can take their dogs

If you want to find out more about The Cinnamon Trust, visit their website.

More photos from my visit!

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