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Know your breed

Join like-minded, same breed owners at our Know Your Breed Meetups and learn about your dog breed from our expert panel as well as each other.

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Know Your Breed Meetups

As well as providing veterinary care, we’re here to help educate pet owners so that between us, your pet can receive the best all-round care possible. This is why we’ve created our Know Your Breed Meetups.

Most breeds of dog have particular characteristics and genetics that can make them prone to the same health issues. These could be short-term issues that can be treated quickly or longer-term / lifetime conditions that can be managed using a combination of treatments.

The important thing is to know what you could be dealing with up front. Do you know what the life expectancy or the ideal body condition is for your particular breed? Do you know how often and what type of exercise your breed typically needs?  Our Breed Meetups provide the ideal opportunity to find out what pet experts recommend, as well as what other same-breed owners have experienced firsthand.

Each Meetup will focus on a different breed and will consist of a Q&A session with our panel of experts, followed by invaluable 1-2-1 time with each of our experts to talk about your pet.




WHERE: Clent Hills Vets in Bromsgrove



Why come to our Know Your Breed Meetups?

Understand your breed

Are you aware of all the characteristics and health issues that could impact your particular breed of dog? Do you know what help is available to treat long-term conditions? Is your dog overweight in comparison to others of the same breed? Perhaps you wonder what other same-breed owners have done in your current situation?

Our Know Your Breed Meetups are perfect for dog owners and wannabe owners to improve your knowledge of your favoured breed and be prepared for potential outcomes.

Invaluable time with pet experts

During our Q&A sessions, you will be able to ask our panel of experts questions about your dog’s health, which will be helpful to other same or similar breed owners in the room.

You will also get invaluable 1-2-1 time after the Q&A session with each of our experts to talk more in depth about your pet.

Like-minded same breed owners

Share experiences about your dog with same-breed owners and learn tips and tricks from each other. Troubleshoot behavioural issues with owners who have probably been through the same thing.

Expand your local dog breed community and arrange your own meetups with like-minded people.