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A guide to rabbit sitting

If you’re planning a holiday, we advise finding a carer who’s happy to visit your rabbit at home – and here’s why.

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Six rabbit-sitting essentials to prevent unnecessary stress

Familiar surroundings

Ideally able to visit your rabbit at your home, to feed them and check that they seem healthy.


A normal feeding routine

Including plenty of clean, fresh hay and not too much dry food.

Limited exposure to infection

If your sitter visits your rabbit at your home, there should be a lower risk of catching viruses from other animals.

A quiet environment

When you’re on holiday your house should be quiet, which is better than your rabbit being housed somewhere with noisy animals or children.

Minimal movement

Rabbits rarely react well to transport.

Safety from predators

If moved to another home, there is always the risk of exposure to other pets such as cats, who may be tempted to stalk or attack your rabbit.

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