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Exotic pet microchip advice

Microchips aren’t just for dogs and cats – they’re important for all kinds of animals. Take a look at our advice for microchipping exotic pets.

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Benefits of microchipping exotic pets

Microchipping is for a variety of pets

We’ve known people to chip corn snakes, tortoises, parrots, hedgehogs and lots of other unusual pets. Your pet just needs to be big enough to have a microchip the size of a grain of rice inserted under its skin. Ask our team for advice if you’re not sure.


It can also make a big difference to your insurance, as insurers understand that they’re much less likely to receive a claim on a microchipped creature. Why? Well, they’re much more likely to be identified and returned to their rightful owners.

Escapee pets

Tortoises are particularly well-known for roaming and can easily get out of small gaps in your garden fence or hedge, even if you think you’ve been super-careful.  

And, of course, we hardly need to explain the risk of a bird taking flight. It’s something they tend to be rather good at.

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