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Corrective surgery

Plastic surgery style procedures can provide relief from chronic health issues. Contact our team to discuss your dog's health concerns.

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Typical conditions we can treat with corrective surgery

Nose job (nasal wedge resection)

Pugs, french bulldogs, bulldogs, boxers…

Animals with flat faces and small airways can be prone to severe breathing difficulties which result in excess flatulence, snoring, passing out from lack of oxygen and other health issues. This can be very distressing for the dog and most certainly they will have a poor quality of life. Our team can perform a nasal wedge resection (nose job) and a soft tissue resection to open up the airways and allow the dog to breathe more easily. In some dogs where the case is more severe, a tracheostomy may be necessary, where a permanent hole is created in the dog’s windpipe so that more air can be breathed in.

Skin tuck

Chow chows, shar pei, spaniel breeds, basset hounds, pugs, bulldogs…

Animals with excessive skin folds around their face and/or body can suffer from repeated infections and discomfort, which can be alleviated by removing or pulling back some of the excessive skin. The skin is then stapled in place and allowed to heal. Healing time can differ from dog to dog, however, once the staples are removed, the dog is able to lead a happy and healthy life. This procedure will most likely alter the dog’s appearance, however we feel that quality of life is most important.

Eyelid reshape

Chow chows, spaniel breeds, basset hounds…

Some dogs develop a condition called entropion, where the excessive skin around the face is so heavy that it pushes the skin forwards / downwards and causes the dog’s eyelids to fold inwards. The eyelashes start irritate the dog’s eye and growing inwards. Entropion can also be caused if the dog has exceptionally droopy lower lids that pull the upper lid over the eye itself. Entropion can impair vision and cause severe discomfort to the dog. It can also lead to blindness if left untreated. By removing sections around the eyelid, the condition can be corrected, enabling the dog to lead a happy life again. See our case studies below.

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