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Puppy parties

Enjoy two complimentary evening sessions with your puppy at our Bromsgrove surgery, where your puppy can socialise with other young puppies and our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can my puppy attend your puppy party?

Your puppy should be around 8 weeks old and will have left their birth home, allowing them to start to learn about their long-term environment and life with you. Our upper limit is 16 weeks, which is when their key socialisation period typically comes to an end. We also set an upper age limit so that we can protect some of the smaller and younger puppies in the group as some larger breeds can be boisterous in play. All puppies must have their first vaccine before attending a puppy party.

What happens at a puppy party?

Our puppy parties are split over two weeks, where you will learn a range of important information about your puppy’s growth stages and typical behaviour, as well as practical advice on how to give them the best start in life when it comes to preventative healthcare, nutrition and toilet training, amongst other subjects. Your puppy will take it in turns to be placed within a playpen with another puppy from the group to allow them to interact. This is completely safe and the puppies are monitored constantly by one of our nurses who will also be in the playpen.

How will a puppy party benefit my puppy?

A puppy party sounds like a lot of fun, and it is! But it’s also an important part of your puppy’s first few months when they are in their key socialisation and learning period. Puppy parties are an excellent way to socialise your puppy, allowing them to play and interact with other dog breeds and people. A puppy party also helps them get used to coming to the vets for fun times, not just when they require treatment or a vaccination.

How will a puppy party benefit me?

As a new puppy owner, we understand there is a lot of information to take in when it comes to doing everything you can for your new best friend. Our nurses will give you invaluable information in bite sized pieces about nutrition, socialisation, toilet training, preventative healthcare, hazards in the home, pet insurance and more. They will show you how to check your new puppy’s eyes, ears, mouth, body and feet to ensure they are healthy and to get them used to being handled in this way. You will also learn ‘hands on’ how to brush your puppy’s teeth, a vital part of preventative healthcare. Plus, you will meet other new puppy owners who are in the same boat as you and whom you can also learn from.

I can’t get into one of your puppy parties before my puppy reaches 16 weeks old, what can I do?

If your puppy is going to be older than 16 weeks when our next puppy party slot is available, we can book you a complimentary appointment with one of our nurses who will be happy to advise you on some of the subjects included in our puppy parties.

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