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Pet Diabetes Month is here – so let’s check your pet

Clent Hills Vets

Diabetes is something that everyone needs to watch out for as they age – and pets are no exception.

It happens when the body stops producing insulin or has an abnormal response to it, meaning that medical intervention is required to regulate levels that are essential to good health.

November is Pet Diabetes Month, so it’s a good time to learn more about this condition and seek help if you have concerns about your pet. Why not give Clent Hills Vets a call on 01527 889810 to book a check-up?

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Risk factors for diabetes

  • Age – One in every 100 dogs and one in every 50 cats will develop diabetes by the age of 12, so it’s extremely common. It can also occur in younger animals and at any age it’s wise to take preventative measures where possible.
  • Gender – In dogs, diabetes is more common in females, and more common in male cats.
  • Body condition – In general, it’s more likely to affect overweight pets.
  • Breed – Dogs such as schnauzers, dachshunds, some terriers, poodles and golden retrievers are more likely to develop diabetes; while it’s also more frequently seen in Siamese cats.

Symptoms of diabetes in pets

If your dog or cat starts to develop diabetes, you may notice them drinking water and urinating more frequently, as well as losing weight – despite perhaps appearing to be constantly hungry.

They may also have cloudy eyes or poor coat condition; and you might notice a change in their sleeping routines.

What can you do about pet diabetes?

Fortunately, with good vet care and daily insulin injections to control blood glucose levels, diabetes is a manageable condition.

We can prescribe the treatment your pet needs and also give you extra advice for helping them live a normal life, so please don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us if you have concerns. Like anything else, it’s best caught early.

Find out if your pet has diabetes

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