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Canine hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical wellbeing, ideal for dogs of all ages.

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Benefits of hydrotherapy

Water-based exercise can be helpful in a variety of ways. Swimming or walking on a treadmill in warm water supports the body and movement, and provides many therapeutic benefits including relaxation. Speed and technique are controlled by the hydrotherapist depending on your pet’s needs. Hydrotherapy can help your pet by enhancing range of movement and flexibility, strengthening muscles, building stamina and promoting wellbeing. Water amplifies exercise benefits due to the added resistance, making it ideal for pets on a weight-loss or fitness programme.  

Hydrotherapy services

Fitness & conditioning

Swimming is a non-weight bearing, all-over-body exercise, and a great way to get fit and improve body condition. We can also tailor in/out of water fitness & core strength exercise programmes to assist the canine athlete reach their potential. Swimming or exercising on a water treadmill can help to tone, build muscle and stamina, and trim fat, ideal for agility and show dogs too.

Fun swims

Just because swimming is fun! Your dog can come and have a splash around in our large heated hydrotherapy pool, supported by our qualified hydrotherapists. We have dogs that like doing slow and steady laps around the pool, some that love to jump in off the side, and those who have their own unique style.

Swimming is a great all-over-workout and great for adding variety to your dog’s routine. No swimming session is complete without fishy treats and a shower and blow-dry.

Weight loss

Hydrotherapy is an excellent option for overweight dogs and cats as the warm water supports the joints and movements, which is ideal if your pet is struggling due to those extra pounds, Coupled with a good nutrition and varied exercise plan, swimming and/or walking on the water treadmill can really help to kickstart your pet’s weight loss.

You may want to book a free weight & diet consultation with our nursing team to understand how much weight your pet needs to lose to improve their health and to help you monitor their progress.

Introduce your puppy to water

Introducing your puppy to water can really enhance their socialisation, in terms of experiences, sounds, smells and people. If you plan to holiday with your dog, or you live around water ways, knowing that they can swim is really important.

Our team can work with your puppy over a number of sessions to slowly get them use to being in a large body of water and to improve their swimming capabilities – not all dogs are natural swimmers!

Water confidence

Our Centre offers a safe environment for dogs of all ages to practice their swimming capabilities. Many adult dogs have never been in a large body of water and so it’s a really good idea to get them used to it for any planned or unplanned dips in the future.

Water Babies & OAPs

Water provides a great way to exercise young large/giant breed dogs and senior/geriatric pets whose joints are vulnerable to excessive land-based exercise.

Arthritis Management

Hydrotherapy is ideal for managing arthritis as the warm water will support your pet and provide a therapeutic experience, whilst giving them an all-over body workout.


Can I swim with my dog?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer client swims due to insurance purposes. All our hydrotherapists are highly trained so that they can offer a safe experience for your pet. You’re welcome to watch your pet from the handy viewing platform.

Can my dog use toys in the pool?

We use toys in the pool for motivation but we do not allow pets to retrieve them as this can lead to secondary drowning.

Can any type of pet use the pool?

Typically, hydrotherapy is used for dogs, but if you have another species that likes water and is recommended hydrotherapy by a vet, we would be happy to work with them.

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