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Poor Lucky’s lucky escape

Amy Holloway

Visiting Lucky in the kennels


“I am visiting my friend Lucky today who has been a bit poorly recently after being run-over.” 




Vet Laura checking on Lucky






“Fortunately, all my friends here at Clent Hills knew just what to do to make him feel better again.  He had something they called an anaesthetic and then the Vet worked his magic and fixed Lucky’s leg and pelvis.  The nurses have taken so much care of him since his op by making sure he is comfortable and giving him lots of love”

The bill for Lucky's treatment my humans will send to Vetsure

Lucky’s humans would have done anything to make him well again, but were relieved that they took out Vetsure pet insurance for him when he was little so they didn’t have to worry about finding £2000- and they only needed to pay the vet an excess and the rest of the money came straight back to the vet within 5 working days – which I hear is pretty normal for Vetsure.”


I must get my humans to get me a vetsure policy

“Maybe I should ask my humans about getting me a Vetsure policy?  I’ve always been really healthy, but you just don’t know what is round the corner these days.  I know my friends at Clent Hills only recommend Vetsure and the policies are only available to humans who take their pet to a Vetsure-affiliated clinic – so it would like being part of an exclusive club.  And you know I’m a cat with class and good taste!”

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