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Protect your rabbit from fireworks noise in Worcestershire

Amy Holloway

We’re heading into fireworks season – a time of year many pet owners dread. While lots of people love the whizzes, bangs and pops that come with the pyrotechnics, the noise can be very disturbing for rabbits.

With their super-sensitive hearing, bunnies can really suffer at this time of year, particularly as Bonfire Night festivities often spill over into much more than just one night, and continuous stress can lead to behavioural problems.

With that in mind, our vet team has some advice to help you help your pet through the noisiest nights of the year. If you still have questions, our team will be happy to offer you advice.

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  1. Come inside. If you can, bring your rabbit’s hutch indoors and close windows to minimise the sound from outside. Some low background noise from the TV or radio may also help.
  2. Turn the sound down. If it’s not possible to bring the hutch in, you can do a bit of DIY sound-proofing by covering it with blankets or a duvet – but check regularly that it’s not getting too hot in there and the hutch is well ventilated.
  3. Turn around. It’s also a good idea to turn your rabbit hutch to face a wall as this will help to muffle the noise and keep out any bright flashes.
  4. Add bedding. Provide plenty of extra hay so your rabbit can burrow into it. This will make it feel more secure.
  5. Build a play room. Toys and a hideaway will be a distraction for your rabbit and give it an extra area to snuggle into.
  6. Make a date. Ideally, rabbits should not be kept as single pets, but if they don’t have a companion, be sure to visit them regularly or get a sitter to help out if you’re not around.

If you follow these easy steps you will give your rabbit a break from the scary aspects of fireworks. For further information, simply contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to advise you.

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