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Protect your rabbit from VHD with Clent Hills Vets

Clent Hills Vets

With reported outbreaks in the Midlands, our vets and nurses at our Worcestershire practices want to ensure that you are aware of the main disease that can affect your rabbit. Viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD) can strike even if your pets live well away from other rabbits and can be fatal.

Fortunately, vaccines are available to protect rabbits from this deadly disease so why not call us to discuss how to protect your rabbit.

Protect your pet now and book a vaccination appointment with our team.

Viral Haemorrhagic Disease

VHD often occurs in outbreaks, spreading rapidly from rabbit to rabbit. The virus that causes the disease can be carried to new areas in feed, on bedding, by wild birds and insects, and on the feet of rabbit owners who’ve been walking in the same area as infected wild rabbits. So, your rabbit doesn’t need to be in contact with other rabbits to catch it.

Very few infected rabbits recover; no matter how much veterinary care they receive. Fortunately for your pets, VHD is easily preventable by vaccines produced especially for rabbits.

Timing of your vaccinations

It’s impossible to predict when your rabbit might come into contact with this disease, and no matter how careful you are to keep them away from wild rabbits and infected feed or bedding.

This disease can be protected against with just one injection a year, although in some circumstances, your vet may advise more frequent vaccinations. Rabbits of all ages can be vaccinated – check with our experienced veterinary team about the most suitable time to bring a new baby rabbit in for their first check-up and vaccination.

If you can’t remember when your rabbit is due a booster

If your rabbit has been vaccinated before and you can’t remember when your booster is due, call us on 01527 889810 and find out when he or she needs a booster. Vaccines wear off over time, and most rabbits will need vaccinating again if they haven’t been done for some time.

Bringing your rabbit in for vaccination also gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to the veterinary team in Worcestershire about any concerns you have about your rabbit.

Book your rabbit’s vaccination

If you want to discuss anything further, call us on 01527 889810 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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