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Puppy parties!

Amy Holloway

Clent Hills Vets puppy parties are run by our part time receptionist Ellie Carrier and are free to attend and available to our registered clients.

The parties are a one off event for puppies between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks of age and up to six puppies attend any one event.

Ellie is a very experienced dog owner and during the party she offers advice on lots of aspects of dog ownership and welfare. Topics covered include:

  • Socialising your puppy
  • Knowledge and advice on canine behaviour, including dealing with play biting and toilet training.
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Diet and nutrition

As well as offering the owners a chance to learn, most importantly the puppy parties are great fun and incredibly cute! They allow the puppies to learn to by interacting and playing with each other in a supervised environment.

Attending clients get a free party bag as well as the chance to get 15% off their puppies Kennel Cough vaccination.

Call either our Bromsgrove surgery on 01527 872488 or our Hagley surgery on 01562 883621 to book a puppy party free of charge. They currently run every two weeks and are at our Hagley surgery, 7.30pm on a Thursday.

We will keep you updated with our parties, here are some images of recent parties for a start…..

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