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Remember Remember the 5th November!

Amy Holloway

Hiding away!

Please remember us poor, faithful animals this firework night. The staff here have explained to me why you have all those horrible bangs, pops and whizzes going on with flashing lights but most poor pets don’t understand and it really can be quite frightening. I know the best thing for me is to hide away in a dark place but please make sure you keep your precious pets safe this firework weekend. Here is some advise to help you do that……

  • Make sure your pet is safely indoors.
  • Make sure they have some form of identification- ideally a microchip to trace if they escape.
  • Muffle the sounds of fireworks- close curtains, shut doors and windows & put some music on.
  • Try not to go out whilst the fireworks are going off. Seeing you act normally will help reassure your pet.
  • Don’t punish your pet. This will confirm there is something to be afraid of. Ignore fearful behaviour, don’t comfort your pet- this can encourage their behaviour.

Help your Cat Feel Secure

  • Make sure your cat has plenty of ‘boltholes’ & places to hide. Do not attempt to coax your cat out, leave alone until it feels safe enough to emerge.
  • Ensure your cat is provided with a litter tray both before and during the firework season.
  • Plugging in a Feliway Diffuser in the room your cat spends most of its time 48 hours before festivities will increase their sense of security.
  • Feliway works by mimicking the properties of the feline facial pheromone. Cats use these to familiarise themselves with their environment.

Help your dog overcome firework fear

  • Ensure your dog is taken out for a walk early before the fireworks.
  • Create a ‘den’ or refuge area for your dog in a darkened room. Encourage him to use it by hiding food treats there. Ensure toys are available to your dog to play with.
  • Plug in a Adaptil Diffuser. Dog Appeasing Pheromones, released by the diffuser encourage a feeling of being at ease. They are released by all lactating females to reassure their offspring when encountering new experiences.
  • D.A.P spray can be applied to dogs bedding for additional reassurance.

Use Zylkene to help manage stress

  • Zylkene is a non-prescription food supplement available for dogs and cats. It is natural, palatable and easy to give with food.
  • Zylkene is made from a protein found in milk which is able to bind temporarily to receptors in the brain. This has a calming influence. It can be given throughout the firework season.

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