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Retired Greyhounds- Oscar’s Story.

Amy Holloway

Keeping my distance.

We at Clent Hills see a lot of these large long legged canines because we neuter them when they retire from racing for the Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust. We also see them with their owners when they have been lucky enough to have found new homes. I do keep a great distance because I hear they can run extremely fast and like to chase small furry creatures so I take no chances!!!! Now although I am not too fond of these speedy creatures this is a very touching story of one of these retired racing greyhounds.

This story of Oscar starts from his new life as a retired racing greyhound. Oscar was known as Legal Fortune & was taken in by Hall Green Retired Greyhound Trust in Belbroughton.

Hall Green is 1 of 74 branches of the national charity dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds at the end of there racing careers. Oscar was kept at Meadowcroft  kennels who look after some of the greyhounds whilst they are waiting to be re-homed.

Oscar had unfortunately not found his forever home after being in the kennels for a few months when it was noticed he had what looked like a wart on his rump. Something didn’t feel right to Ele Rea, owner of  Meadowcroft & long time client of Clent Hills. He was taken to be seen by Rod Stroud at the Hagley surgery.

Rod was concerned it was cancer so he did a long operation the next day to  remove the lump. The lump biopsy came back as a spindle cell carcinoma, with a gloomy outlook for poor Oscar.


The poor outlook had a silver lining as Ele took Oscar home to live with her crowd of 2 greyhounds, 2 Border collies & a Border terrier & he became her foster dog. Oscar continued to visit both his canine & human friends at Meadowcroft, & settled into life with Ele & the family.

Whilst with Ele at Meadowcroft Oscar became a life saver. Ele had offered to bring the greyhounds into Clent Hills to give blood if ever it was needed at the Hagley surgery.  Ele received a call on a Saturday, a spaniel had been hit by a car & needed an emergency blood transfusion. Oscar was able was able to give blood, his cancer could not be transmitted by blood. A pint of Oscars blood was taken & the spaniel recovered  well.

Unfortunately Oscars cancer re-grew. When he slipped & broke his leg whilst playing with his canine friends it was decided it was time to let Oscar rest.

The trust is so grateful to Ele & Steve Rea for giving Oscar a loving home for the time he had.

Hall Green  re-homed 220 retired racers in 2009. Greyhounds are extremely placid, despite popular belief don’t need much exercise & are very adaptable.

As well as looking for new homes for the greyhounds, Hall Green is always on the look out volunteers, foster homes & sponsors. You can see them every second Sunday of the month at Wasely Hills Country Park where they have a monthly get together of re-homed & kennel dogs for a walk, chat and raffle. To contact the Hall Green Trust call 0121-426-4810 or look at their website

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