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Rosie leaves Clent Hills a little bit lighter!

Amy Holloway

Some breeds of us felines are very beautiful, like myself! We were recently visited by Rosie a 14 and a half year old Persian cat. Now whilst I am classed as domestic short haired feline (although I am far from average), Rosie is a pedigree and Persian cats are known for their beautiful long coats. Rosie came in to see vet Laura because she didn’t allow her owners to groom her everyday. Understandable-we do have minds of our own you know and don’t like to be messed with! Because Rosie has such a long coat she had got lots of matted fur on her sides, tail and neck. Laura gave the go ahead for her to be admitted to undergo a de-matt and to be sedated so she didn’t get too stressed out.

Here is Rosie after being de-matted by my lovely nurses- she still has her head and tail fur but is rather lighter in between!

Rosie’s owners bought in a little jumper for Rosie to keep her warm after her clip- I rather like it, I am hoping maybe my staff will get me one to keep the chills away in this cold weather. I will however do without the de-matt, being brushed is bad enough! It just goes to show us felines manage to be stylish despite adversity!

Rosie looking stylish in her red jumper!

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