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Sid’s Emergency

Amy Holloway

A piece of hide chew.

These canines do get themselves in some sticky situations! For some reason they like to sit and chew on things. I think it looks quite undignified to be lying around gnawing. I do like edible things but chose to swallow them in a dignified manner. I have seen these barking animals go crazy for a chew!!

Now I suppose accidents do happen and one poor little dog ended up being rushed in as an emergency after he had been whiling away his time gnawing on a hide chew. Sid Archer, a 10 and a half year old male Parson Jack Russel terrier was bought in to see Vet Alun Edwards as an Emergency case  out of hours on the night of Wednesday 19th October. He was having difficulty breathing and his breathing was very noisy.

Assisted by nurse Emma Maidment, Alun administered a general anaesthetic so he could investigate the cause of the problem. The picture above shows what was removed from the little dogs larynx where it was firmly lodged. A rather large piece of hide chew, part of the knot from the end of the bone shaped chew! Little Sid recovered quickly and went home shortly after the anaesthetic that night.

If canines will chew on these things I guess the safest thing is to never leave them alone with chews, always supervise in case of accidents!

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