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7 snow safety top tips for your dog this Winter

Amy Holloway

So, the white Christmas we all wish for has come a little early here in Worcestershire! Most dogs love the snow, but there can be hidden hazards when taking your dog for a walk in it. Read our top tips on how to keep your pet (and you) safe during this cold snap.


Here are our 7 top tips, endorsed by Sausage the miniature Dachshund:


  1. Wash your dog’s paws thoroughly after a walk in the snow. Some road/pavement grits and salts contain snow-melting chemicals that can be harmful to your dog. You can get a range of paw wipes to carry with you if you’re out and about. ‘Snow licking’ is also best avoided for the same reason.
  2. Curbs, holes in the ground and other hazards can be hidden under a layer of snow. Be careful where you are walking and try to avoid overly hazardous areas.
  3. Just as ice is slippy for us humans, dogs can get into trouble too – be extra careful when crossing roads and going up and down hills. Plus, make sure you’re wearing shoes with grips to try and avoid falling over and potentially landing on your dog… and hurting yourself of course.
  4. Keep your dog away from frozen ponds, lakes and rivers to avoid the potential for them to fall through – no-one wants a frozen ‘pup-sicle’ this Winter!
  5. Dogs get cold too, especially small dogs and those with less fur.  Wrap your dog up in a warm coat or jumper and try not to spend too long out in the snow as paws and legs will get soggy and cold very quickly.
  6. Warm your pet up with a luke-warm bath or shower after being out in the cold, perfect for washing all the grit and muck off their paws too. A nice warm blanket and a place by the radiator or fire wouldn’t go amiss either…hang on, did little Sausage write this??
  7. If your dog is not a snow fan and even the thought of going outside makes them anxious, apart from the necessary toilet trips, staying indoors for a couple of days won’t do them any harm. Make sure you get back to your exercise routine as soon as you can though.


So, there you have it, some great advice on snow safety for your best friend. We wish you lots of fun in the snow and if anything doesn’t go to plan, give our central appointments & advice line a call on 01527 889810.

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