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Soft over Riley

Clent Hills Vets

Poorly Riley- the bandage is from where riley had a drip.

A short while ago we had a little puppy come in to the surgery who had been quite unwell. His name was Riley Nicholls, a blue roan Cocker Spaniel and when he came in he was just 12 weeks old! Poor Riley had to be admitted and ended up staying with us for a few days whilst he had treatment.

Now whilst I agree that puppies are rather cute little things I feel they often lack some respect as they have a habbit of bouncing at me. I aim to keep a lofty position. I do not like bouncing! The other problem is they get far too much attention. Now this is exactly what happened with young Riley.

A well Riley having cuddles with his owner.

All my staff went soft over little Riley. Now there is only so much free time my staff have and I wasn’t too amused they seemed to spend their time cooing over him. Thankfully Riley soon recovered and went home. He does however still visit for weight checks every month as all our puppy clients do and my staff still go soft over him. So much so his owners sent us pictures of him now at 5 months old fully recovered so my staff can enjoy him whenever they like. I prefer the picture form, much less intrusive into my life as number 1 animal at Clent Hills!

Sleeping with Teddy.

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