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Spend an evening with Vet JT talking about cat behaviour

Amy Holloway

Does your cat still spray inside your home? Is your multi-cat household often locked in a battle over food, litter trays and the new cat on the block? Are you worried that your cat could be stressed out due to a recent change in your home life?

Cats are intriguing creatures and can often be masters of disguise. If they are feeling unwell or anxious, they can display behaviours that you wouldn’t automatically associate with these things.

joao teotonia vetCome and spend an evening with our behaviour vet JT and learn about the different types of behaviours cats can display and what they mean. From his knowledge and experience of working with cats, JT is able to treat a variety of behaviour issues and advise on if and how you can change and/or prevent them.

As a vet practising veterinary behavioural medicine, JT is able to spot or rule out any health concerns that may be contributing to a cat’s particular behaviour.

JT tells us the most common problematic behaviours he sees in cats are inter-cat aggression, overgrooming, spraying in male cats, excessive vocalisation and not using/misusing the litter tray.

Our Cat Behaviour event is free to attend and open to everyone.

Mr Evans, who attended our dog behaviour event last October gave this feedback,  “Excellent evening with the subject matter pitched at a great level for the audience. Very pleased with the modern science-based approach to the behaviour advice.”

If our cat behaviour event is anything like the dog event, we recommend booking your places early to avoid disappointment.

FREE Event: An Evening with JT – Cat Behaviour

Monday 12th March, 7 – 9pm

CHANGE OF VENUE: This event is now being held at Bromsgrove School in their Lecture Theatre – B61 7HP.  Use the South Entrance Car Park – our event will be signposted from here.

Refreshments will be provided from 6:45pm. Please note, this is a pet owner event only, sorry no pets this time.

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