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Summer fun in the pool for £25 and under

Amy Holloway

Swimming is a really fun way for your dog to exercise and is ideal during the hot and sometimes (dare we say) rainy Summer months.

If your dog is otherwise healthy, for just £25 for a 40-minute session, or £22.50 per session when you purchase a block of 10, your dog could be having the time of their life gaining their water confidence and splashing about in the pool with our dog-loving team of trained hydrotherapists.

When it’s just too hot to walk your dog during the day time, book them in for a lunchtime swim to keep their exercise levels up and reduce boredom.

If it’s raining outside and you’re ‘just not feeling it’, a 15-minute swim can give your dog a similar amount of exercise as an hour-long long walk in the park – and only one of you has to get wet!

So, why not treat your pooch to some well-deserved fun in the pool this Summer?


Contact our team today on 01527 889810 to book your dog in for a fun swim, or 10!

5 benefits of swimming:

  1. It’s a lot of fun and will help to keep your dog fit and active
  2. The water will support your dog’s movement and joints
  3. Swimming is ideal for weight loss and general health & wellbeing
  4. Gaining water confidence is beneficial for dogs of all ages
  5. Water provides a great way to exercise young large/giant breed dogs and senior/geriatric pets

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Help your dog gain their water paws!


A couple of things to note before booking: –

Swimming sessions are open to clients and non-clients of Clent Hills Vets, please read our terms of service before booking. You will need a ‘Fit to Swim Form’ signed by your Vet in order for your dog to swim with us – you can download this from our website.

If your dog is suffering with a health condition, talk to our team as they may need to be referred to us for rehabilitative hydrotherapy/physiotherapy inline with your vet’s current treatment plan.

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