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Summer safety tips for cats from Clent Hills Vets

Clent Hills Vets

Cats are big sun worshippers but if they’re allowed too many rays it can be detrimental to their health, so follow these cool for cats tips from the team at Clent Hills Vets and make sure your pet enjoys a safe summer.

Whether you’ve got an indoor or an outdoor cat, the heat can get to them and it’s important to take steps to avoid heatstroke, which can be fatal. If you have questions after reading this, or want to ensure your cat’s flea prevention treatment is up to date at this time when parasites are most active, simply email us and our team will be happy to advise you.

You can also order repeat flea & worm treatments on our website

It’s natural for cats to want to sunbathe, but they’re not always good at recognising when they’ve had too much, so a helping hand may be needed.

Here are a few basic measures you can take to make sure your cat doesn’t get sunburned or overheat:

  • Provide plenty of water so your cat doesn’t run any risk of dehydration. It’s also important to set up some shady areas where your cat likes to lay. Even if your cat lives indoors the heat can get too much, so get into the habit of pulling down the blinds or drawing the curtains against the midday sun.
  • If your cat is lighter in colour it may be prone to sunburn, so apply pet-specifc sunscreen to delicate areas such as paws, ears, and noses.
  • Cats’ paws are especially sensitive so be aware of the temperature of the pavements before letting them outside in the hot sun – and check for signs of blisters when they come in.
  • Heat leads to cats tiring out more quickly, so avoid letting your pet play too much in the heat or it might lead to exhaustion.
  • Be wary around paddling and swimming pools. While they’re not known for jumping into water voluntarily accidents happen and cats aren’t great swimmers.

You can also check out our handy guide at the end of this post.

There’s no reason not to enjoy more time with your cat in the summer but being aware of these basic facts will help keep it safe. If you’d like to discuss any concerns you have about the hazards of summer, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

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infographic about hot weather safety advice for cat owners
infographic about minimising heat stroke in cats during hot weather for cat owners


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