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The Farm Animal and Bird Sanctuary

Clent Hills Vets

Clent Hills vets have been treating animals from The Farm Animal and Bird Sanctuary (registered) charity in Broad Green Bromsgrove since its beginnings 23 years ago. Our vets have helped over 400 rescued sick, injured or neglected farm animals and birds, some still in the charities care today. The sanctuary is home to 170 sheep, 2 pigs, 12 goats, 10 geese and over 50 assorted poultry. It is run by Maureen Lawless, a double award winning journalist and Joanne White who trained as a veterinary nurse but has given it up to dedicate her life to animal rescue. Here are just a couple of stories our vets have been involved with that have had a happy ending…..

Basil in his little jumper!

Here is Basil….he was just one of the undersized and weak lambs born to a flock of neglected  ewes. Abandoned by his mother, basil developed pneumonia and bloat. His condition was so poor all his fleece fell out and he had to be syringe fed. In spring he had to wear a child’s jumper to keep him warm and being too fragile to stay outside, spent every evening in the house- in a dog crate with his hay watching TV, particularly Emmerdale!

Lots of treatment and care saw him back grazing with his own flock by the spring with his full fleece!

Brillo the 3 legged Herwick Ewe

Brillo the Herwick Ewe had a history of jumping over gates and fences to steel food. One night she jumped into a hay-rack in the barn in the middle of the night and was found early the next morning with her leg stuck in wire at the bottom.

The leg was almost severed and the only option for survival was to amputate. However the vets were well aware the survival rate was very low and they were hugely concerned as to whether Brillo could survive on 3 legs. Maureen decided to go ahead despite the risks and vet Laura had managed to carry out the amputation in just 20 minutes. Again a happy ending…within a week she had mastered normal life and has lived happily ever since.

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