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Top tech for pets from Clent Hills Vets

Clent Hills Vets

In this tech-crazy world it would be strange indeed if there wasn’t a plethora of gadgets aimed at pets – so it will come as no surprise to learn that there is. From activity trackers to remote feeders to harness cameras, there’s no end of devices to entertain you and your pet, whether you’re together or apart.

The team at Kidderminster Road have been busy researching some of these and put together a list of their favourite gadgets for you to check out. If you want to discuss any of them further, get in touch!

Here are our top four pieces of pet kit:


This ‘treat cam’ lets you ‘see, speak, snap, or treat’ your pet even when you aren’t with it. The device, which has a wide-angled lens, can be positioned anywhere and you connect with it through a phone app, allowing you talk to your pet and dispense treats. You can even take a photo and share on the Petzi Social pet Instagram site.


This handy, lightweight tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and connects with a smartphone app so you can view information on how long your dog has walked, run, played and rested throughout the day.


Similar to PitPat, this not only measures your pet’s activity levels, it also puts an emphasis on health if you’re worried your dog may be out of shape, with comparison information in the FAQ section of the FitBark website.

FroliCat Bolt

Hours of fun for you and your cat with this standalone laser pointer device which projects random laser patterns across the floor, along furniture and along walls. Best to remove all breakables from the room your cat is playing in.

So there you have our pick of the pets tech – and there are plenty more fun gadgets out there. Maybe let us know your favourite on our Facebook page ClentHillsVets.

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