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What should you feed your pet in Worcestershire?

Clent Hills Vets

The big pet food debate of wet vs dry is one that often comes up, not helped by the many TV ads that rely on the cute factor of their stars to sway you into purchase. The most important thing for all pets is that they get the correct nutrition and our head vet Rod Stroud says the best place to start is with the packaging.

The list of ingredients on any packaged dog food will tell you what it contains and on wet food you will often see the phrase ‘meat and animal derivatives’, as opposed to the ‘real meat’ you are likely to see on a high quality dried food. Just ask yourself which you’d prefer.

There’s a bewildering array of foods on the market, so here are a few pointers from the team in Worcestershire to help you choose the best feeding plan for your pet.

Of course, your pet may have health issues which need to be taken into consideration, so if you want to discuss nutrition further don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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Pros and cons

Once you’ve weighed up what the different food types actually contain, there are some other issues to look at, such as the following:

  • Dry food needs to be chewed so can act as an aid to keeping teeth clean and massaging the gums.
  • Dry food is convenient as it can be left out – all day if your pet is a grazer rather than one that wolfs down whatever is put in front of it in a heartbeat.
  • Wet food provides more moisture, which can be important if your dog has an illness or is older and needs more hydration, or you have a cat as they need more moisture in their diet.
  • Wet food may also have higher levels of protein than dry, which is important to a growing pet.

Mixing it up

A mix of a little wet with a little dry food may help your pet get maximum enjoyment out of its food, satisfying the senses and adding extra nutrients.

If you’re still confused about what is best for your pet, especially if it’s just starting out in life, call us on 01527 889810 and ask our expert team for advice.

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