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Why not to leave cats home alone, in Worcestershire

Clent Hills Vets

Can I leave my cat home alone?

Cats may seem like they’d be completely happy to do their own thing for a couple of days while you’re enjoying a weekend break or visiting friends… If they have food and water, they’re satisfied, right? Well, for a little while, yes, but here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t leave your cat home alone for long.

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Now, here’s the big question when you’re thinking about leaving your cat at home alone for an extended period…

Will my cat even realise if I’m not there for a few days?

The short answer is yes. Cats, though often pegged as being much more independent than their canine counterparts, are social creatures.

When they’ve bonded with you and welcomed you into their family, they can miss you. Even with multiple cats keeping each other company, they’ll notice if their human family members are missing for too long. After all, their siblings probably don’t know how to point a laser pen or scratch them behind their ears.

If they do begin to miss you, they may act out by urinating on things with your scent on them or by scratching the furniture. It’s their way of saying, “I missed you. Don’t leave me like that again.”

Just like you, your cat likes routine…

Cats are incredibly sensitive to changes in setting or routine. They pick up on our daily routines, such as when we wake up and go to work or the usual time we’d feed or play with them. Any shifts in this routine, especially one such as obvious as you not being there at all, can really affect their mood. See above for how they might deal with this…

Even the most independent cat can get lonely…

Just like us, cats can get lonely. Even cats who like their own space will miss your presence if you’re gone for too long. If they start missing you, they may meow loudly to try and call you back – which is never much fun if you have neighbours – or may even leave home in search of you.

Who’s sorting the little details?

No-one likes to think about it, but if you’re not there, who’s keeping the litter trays clean? Who’s keeping the water flowing and the food fresh? Who’s making sure their bedding is just how they like it? Sure, you can ask a friend or neighbour to chip in, or purchase automatic water and food dispensers, but only you truly know what happiness means for your cat.

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