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Wow summer is here at last!

Amy Holloway

Don’t know about you but I get the distinct feeling that all you humans seem to be in much better moods when the sun is shining.

The thick coat I am wearing  is so last season but I have to wear it come rain or shine and so I have to be imaginative about ways to keep cool.

I must say I have noticed that many of the dogs that come to the surgery are struggling as well.  The noise they make panting puts me in mind of a train at full speed. Us furry critters don’t lose heat the same way as you human species.  In fact, we can over heat really quickly and according to my colleagues this can cause irreversible problems with my internal organs and even death. So with this in mind I have been researching the subject and have come up with the following so that we can all enjoy the summer with minimum risk.

  1. Never  leave your canine friends in the car, even with the windows open temperatures can reach a lethal level in minutes.
  2. Execercise your dogs in early morning and later evening to take advantage of the cooler parts of the day.
  3. Some dogs are a bit obsessive when it comes to chasing the ball, this sort of exercise  should be avoided in the heat of the day even if the daft dog looks up for it.
  4. Remember to take a drink for your dog even on a short walk to avoid dehydration and heat stroke.
  5. If you leave your dog at home pull the blinds or curtains, make sure fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Us cats of course are way more intelligent than our canine counterparts and if left to our own devices can always find a cool spot. We do like the opportunity to drink fresh water from a bowl. A big risk to us pussy cats (because we like to sunbathe ) is ear tip and nose cancer. This is higher in risk to those of us that have white ears and noses. Please purchase a full sun block and apply it to these delicate areas on sunny days.

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