Top Tips for a Well-Fed Cat

Author: Amy Holloway

Nobody wants their cat to be unhappy or unhealthy, two potential consequences of poor nutrition. Understanding what to feed your cat, when, and how much, can help ensure your feline friend is getting a balanced, nutritious diet.

Alun and our veterinary team have pulled together their top tips to help you. It’s a good idea to get your cat checked by a vet as soon as health checks are available again before making any major diet changes to ensure they don’t have health conditions that could be affected.

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Cat Nutrition Top Tips:

1. Learn how to read food labels

Look for a commercial cat food that is ‘complete’ or ‘balanced’, meaning it contains all of the vital nutrients your cat will need. Forget advertising quotes like ‘grain-free’ or ‘low carb’, instead focus on the ingredients, namely protein and fat content. Like most animals, cats can have carbohydrates in their diet. Carbs are usually what hold the protein and fat together in dry food, and make it affordable.

2. Dry and/or wet cat food?

The crunch of dry food can help to look after your cat’s teeth. Wet food won’t do the same but it will add moisture to their diet. Talk to your vet about the best quality cat foods and whether dry, wet, or a combination of both would suit your cat.

3. Plan your cat’s daily meals

Follow the portion guidelines on the food packet and weigh daily meals – use tupperware to plan ahead. Consistency will help your cat regulate their intake and appetite, and help them stay trim. This method is great for weight loss too.

4. Two square meals a day

Ever wondered when the best times to feed your cat are? If cats were out in the wild they’d normally be hunting for prey at dusk and dawn, so it’s a good idea to feed your cat at these times and stay in tune with their natural behaviours.

5. Hydration is important for good cat nutrition

If your cat isn’t a big drinker try adding a bit of water to their meals, and make sure they have access to water 24/7 indoors and out – some cats enjoy drinking rainwater. If you want to give them milk, choose one that’s specially formulated for cats.

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