Cat Friendly Practices

We specialise in feline care

At Clent Hills Vets we do everything we can to put your cat at ease from the moment they come through our doors.

Everyone at Clent Hills Vets is committed to ensuring all our feline patients’ needs are met. We are fortunate to have highly trained staff who specialise in feline care, many with feline medical certificates to show their skill level and dedication.

Read our advice & tips on how to care for your cat

*** Please note, our Cat Only Clinic on a Tuesday is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 ***

Cat Only Consultation Room


At Clent Hills Vets in Bromsgrove, we have a consulting room that’s just for cats. We find this helps cats to relax more during their consultation, without too much dog noise, dog smells or dog hair to contend with.


Clients with especially nervous cats also find our Cat Only Consultation times on a Tuesday lunchtime beneficial.


As part of our ongoing focus on feline care we’ve appointed a ‘Cat Champion’ – meet Ivelin Kumanov, a fully qualified vet who has a special interest in cats and their needs.


Ivelin and the rest of our team are committed to handling and treating cats with understanding, gentleness, and respect. Our aim is to make a visit to the vets the best experience it can be, which helps result in a higher quality of care.


*** Please note, our Cat Only Clinic is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 ***

Extra special care for your cat

  • COVID-19 Update
  • Cat Only Waiting Areas
  • Separate Cat Wards
  • Cat Only Clinics
  • Cat Wellness Clinics
  • “I can’t get my cat in the carry basket”
  • “My cat doesn’t like travelling in the car”

COVID-19 Update

Some of the services and facilities described on our website and in our client booklets currently might differ, or may not be available due to COVID-19. See our COVID-19 Guidelines for the most up-to-date information.

Cat Only Waiting Areas

While you relax with your hot drink, your cat can relax in its carry basket well-screened from any neighbouring dogs. You will find a supply of towels in our cat only areas, which you can use to cover your cat’s basket or carrier to help them feel safe and secure.*

Separate Cat Wards

We have created a calming sanctuary in our cat friendly wards, completely separate from our canine patients. You cat’s accommodation will benefit from a see through exterior door, soft lighting, relaxing music, clean and comfortable bedding and soothing pheromones in the air.*

Cat Only Clinics

To help you further, we offer a cat only clinic at our Bromsgrove practice on a Tuesday lunchtime, during which we don’t book any dogs in for consultations. Some dogs may come in unannounced, however we will always try to minimise any contact with your cat.

Cat Wellness Clinics

At around the age of 7, cats start to enter their senior years and are more prone to certain conditions and illnesses. At this age, they need a little extra TLC and our Cat Wellness Clinics are here to offer you practical advice on how to care for your ageing cat. Ask our team for more information.

“I can’t get my cat in the carry basket”

Try leaving the carry basket around the house so that your cat gets used to it. Place some treats and/or toys in the basket at different times to see if your cat will go in of its own accord. If your cat is comfortable being in the carry basket, it should be easier to get them in it when it’s time to visit the vets.

“My cat doesn’t like travelling in the car”

If your cat is anxious about travelling, we recommend the use of Feliway, a pheromone-based product you can spray into your cat’s carry basket 30 minutes before travelling to help keep them calm. Talking in a reassuring and soothing voice will also help to comfort your cat during the journey.

Clent Hills Vets in Rubery

*Our Rubery surgery is the smallest of our three practices and provides a comprehensive veterinary service in the heart of the village. Currently, our waiting room and patient ward are communal areas for all pets, however, each pet will have their own secure and comfortable accommodation during their stay with us. If your pet struggles to be around other types of pets, please let us know and we will do our best to provide some separation, or we may suggest that we see them at our Bromsgrove or Hagley clinics which have completely separate areas for cats, dogs, and small furries.

Did you know we have Cat Only Clinics?

Yes, we do – Tuesday lunchtimes at our Bromsgrove practice. Call us for availability.