Weight & Diet

Creating a healthy plan for your pet

If your pet is overweight we can help create an individually tailored programme to improve their health. Book your FREE weight & diet consultation today.

Being overweight can speed up your pet’s ageing process, knocking years off their life. Excess weight is usually a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise, so, ultimately it is down to you the owner to do something about it. We can help you and your pet get back on track with a thorough assessment of their health and body condition, and an individually tailored plan to improve their diet, lifestyle, and ultimately their health.

Is your pet overweight and unhealthy?

  • Assessing your pet’s current weight & health
  • Ideal weight & body condition
  • Overweight health issues
  • Underweight health issues

Assessing your pet’s current weight & health

Book your pet in with one of our nurses for a FREE weight & diet consultation to find out if they are overweight and by how much. Learn how this could be affecting their current and long-term health, and what we can do to help you and your pet get back on track. Call and book your FREE weight & diet consultation today

Ideal weight & body condition

Every breed and type of animal has a typical body condition that shows how defined their musculoskeletal frame should be. During your pet’s initial assessment, our nurses will score your pet’s body condition and determine if they are underweight, overweight or obese, all outcomes that will need addressing.

Overweight health issues

Excess weight can be attributed to a variety of health problems including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, liver and lung problems and fatty tumours. During your pet’s FREE weight & diet consultation, your nurse may recommend a referral appointment with one of our vets if your pet is showing signs of illness and/or a referral to our arthritis clinic so that our nursing team can help you manage this lifelong condition.

Underweight health issues

A pet may become underweight for a number of reasons – not eating, parasites or medical conditions. Being underweight can lead to your pet being lethargic, having muscle wastage and can even lead to conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies. If your pet is underweight they will be referred to one of our vets immediately.

Pet Slimming Club

Getting in shape is easier with support

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and get in shape before, you will know it’s much easier with support. If your pet is diagnosed as being overweight or obese, our experienced nursing team can offer you practical advice and support to help turn your pet’s life around.

Our Pet Slimming Club Includes:

  • Weight loss programme & goals individually tailored to your pet’s age and needs
  • Review of your pet’s lifestyle (exercise, play, environment) and recommended changes
  • Unlimited follow-up appointments to monitor your pet’s progress and adjust their programme if necessary
  • Unlimited weigh-ins with the nurse
  • Nutritional advice
  • Ask our team for more details


Swimming and walking on a water treadmill are ideal exercises for pets who need to lose weight. It’s likely their joints may be suffering due to the excess weight, and the warm water will help to soothe and support those joints whilst giving them an all-over-body workout.

Over at our recently built pet fitness & rehabilitation centre, our fully qualified hydrotherapists can work with your pet to help build up their stamina in our large indoor heated pool and water treadmill, and ensure they’re exercising safely.

FREE Weight & Diet Consult

FREE Weight & Diet Consult

Find out how overweight your pet is and why and how we can help


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