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Fitness & Rehab Centre - COVID-19

Please read our Guidelines on the services we will be able to offer when we re-open and changes that will affect all pet owners.

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New Safety Measures


We are following BVA (British Veterinary Association), CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association), and Government guidelines to ensure vital safety measures are in place to help stop the spread of Coronavirus:

  • Inside our premises, we have installed perspex screens in reception, hand sanitising stations, and social distancing safety messages.
  • We have implemented more frequent and in-depth cleaning protocols and will allow extra time after each session to clean our treatment rooms and equipment.
  • We will stagger appointment times between our treatment rooms to minimise the number of patients moving through our Centre at the same time.
  • Due to the nature of our work, it’s not always possible for our hydrotherapists and physiotherapists to social distance or wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) whilst working with pets. Our team will be wearing PPE when collecting and returning your pet to you and will be adhering to Government guidelines on handwashing and self-isolation.
  • Currently, we will be offering pet-only sessions (exceptional circumstances will be risk assessed, and we will share feedback and follow-up advice with owners outside of our Centre afterward, or by email.
  • We require owners to wear masks or face coverings whilst at our Centre.

Rehabilitation services we can offer when open



Laser Therapy


Face masks

Please support our COVID-19 safety measures and wear a mask or face covering when at our Centre.

On arrival

Please call or email us, or tap on our window to let us know you have arrived for your pet’s appointment, and then return to your car to wait. If you are in the proximity of other owners, please keep 2 metres apart and avoid touching other people’s pets.

We'll collect your pet

A member of our team will collect your pet from you and return them to your car after their session.

Be available & on time

If you are not waiting outside our Centre for the duration of your pet’s session, please be available via phone, and ensure you are on time to collect them at the end of their allotted time slot.

Pets only

We are currently only able to allow our team inside treatment rooms during your pet’s session. Follow-up instructions and feedback from your pet’s session will be discussed with you outside of our Centre after, or they can be emailed to you.


Payment can be done via card machine in our Centre after your pet’s session (pets cannot re-enter) or you can pay online –

Hand hygiene

Please use the hand hygiene gel provided when inside our Centre.

Booking follow-up appointments

You can book your pet’s next appointment when paying, or by emailing [email protected] or using our online contact form below.

Inside our Centre

If you have been asked to come inside our Centre with your pet for any reason, we can only accommodate 1 person per pet.

Send us your enquiry or appointment request

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