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Healthier & Happier Pets

Our state-of-the-art Fitness & Rehab Centre is the ideal place for your pet to improve their mobility, fitness, physique and wellbeing, with the support of our fully qualified and friendly team.

We can help your pet recover from and manage a variety of health issues, lose weight, achieve peak physical fitness, relax, have fun and much more.

Early referral can be key when treating many health conditions, so talk to your vet today about referring your pet to our Centre.

See our treatments and prices below.

Treatments & Prices

Canine Hydrotherapy - Rehabilitation*
Pool / Treadmill
Single session 40 mins £44.00
Block of 10 sessions   £396.00
Hydro and Laser Therapy (1 - 2 areas) combo 60 mins £59.00
Canine Fitness, Fun, Water Confidence and Weight Loss**
Pool / Treadmill (pets without health conditions)
Single session 40 mins £35.00
Puppy Swim**
(vaccinated and toilet trained up to 9 months)
Single session 20 mins £24.00
Physiotherapy Consultation*    
Initial consultation 60 mins £77.00
Repeat consultation 40 mins £57.00
Laser Therapy Treatment*    
2 areas 20 mins £35.00
*Above treatments require a vet signed Vet Referral Form
**Above treatments require a vet signed Fit to Swim Form
Please note: If your pet is referred to us for hydrotherapy, they will require a physiotherapy assessment with our team before they can swim.
Cancellations: A full 24 hours notice is required or you are liable to pay the full treatment price. Missed appointments must be paid in full.

How to book an appointment

Visits to our Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre are by appointment only.

Before booking, please read & understand our Terms of Service which include information about our 24-hour Cancellation Policy, the health conditions which may prevent your pet from having treatment, and the things you should consider before & after your pet’s appointment.

You can download the appropriate form below for your vet to sign, which we require before your pet’s appointment. For more info or to book, call us on 01527 910516 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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