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Hydrotherapy is ideal for fitness and fun

Introduce your puppy to water

Introducing your puppy to water can really enhance their socialisation and give them an exciting new experience. Our hydrotherapists will work with you to safely introduce your puppy to water and help them master their swimming style. Not all dogs are natural swimmers!

Some puppies may not want to go in the water fully on their first go, but gradually we can build up their confidence until they’re ready to ‘take the plunge’. Together, we can help your puppy become a confident and happy swimmer!

Please note, your puppy must be fully toilet trained to use our hydrotherapy pool.

Treatments & Prices

Our hydrotherapy services

  • Fitness & Conditioning
  • Fun Swims
  • Water Babies
  • Water Confidence
  • Weight Loss
  • Rehabilitation

Fitness & Conditioning

Swimming is a non-weight bearing, all-over-body exercise, and a great way to get fit and improve body condition. Swimming or exercising on a water treadmill can help to tone, build muscle, improve stamina and trim fat.

We can also tailor in/out of water fitness & core strength exercise programmes to assist the canine athlete reach their potential, ideal for agility training.

Fun Swims

Just because swimming is fun! Your dog can come and have a splash around in our large heated hydrotherapy pool, supported by our qualified hydrotherapists. We have dogs that like doing slow and steady laps around the pool, some that love to jump in off the side, and those who have their own unique style.

Swimming is a great all-over-workout and great for adding variety to your dog’s routine. No swimming session is complete without fishy treats and a shower and blow-dry.

Water Babies

Water provides a great way to exercise young large/giant breed dogs whose joints are vulnerable to excessive land-based exercise.

Water Confidence

Our Centre offers a safe environment for dogs of all ages to practice their swimming capabilities. We can slowly help them build their confidence and learn how to use all their limbs in the water.

Weight Loss

Swimming is an excellent way for overweight dogs to shed those extra pounds.

Please note, weight loss swims are classed as rehabilitative hydrotherapy and require a signed vet referral form (see below). In some cases, if your pet is suffering with additional health issues, they may require a physio assessment before undergoing hydrotherapy treatment. Speak to our team for more info.


Hydrotherapy is an excellent treatment for pets recovering post surgery, injury and illness. It can also help pets with long-term conditions like arthritis and hip/elbow dysplasia. Find out more.

Can I swim with my dog?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer client swims due to insurance purposes. All our hydrotherapists are highly trained so that they can offer a safe experience for your pet. You’re welcome to watch your pet from the handy viewing platform.

Can my dog use toys in the pool?

We use toys in the pool for motivation but we do not allow pets to retrieve them as this can lead to secondary drowning.

Can any type of pet use the pool?

Typically, hydrotherapy is used for dogs, but if you have another species that likes water and is recommended hydrotherapy by a vet, we would be happy to work with them.

How to book an appointment

Visits to our Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre are by appointment only.

Before booking, please read & understand our Terms of Service which include information about our 24-hour Cancellation Policy, the health conditions which may prevent your pet from having treatment, and the things you should consider before & after your pet’s appointment.

You can download the appropriate form below for your vet to sign, which we require before your pet’s appointment. For more info or to book, call us on 01527 910516 or fill in the enquiry form below.

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