Hydrotherapy is for Life

Author: Harriet Lowe, Hydrotherapist

Missy is an Australian Shepherd who has been owned since she was a puppy. She was diagnosed at 18 months old with bilateral hip dysplasia and was told that she would very likely need a hip replacement before the age of 5.

Soon after diagnosis Missy started hydrotherapy and has been undertaking it regularly ever since. We have had the pleasure of treating Missy since 13th September 2017 when she moved here from her previous centre.

Missy started out in the hydrotherapy pool and was known for her stylish doggles due to her eyes being sensitive to the chlorine.

We have recently changed Missy from swimming in the pool to the underwater treadmill due to increasing hip instability. Missy now comes once a week for an underwater treadmill session and has a physiotherapy treatment every 3 weeks.

Missy loves massage and laser therapy which targets any sore or tight muscles, leaving her more relaxed and comfortable. She is full of character very demanding for her fish treats and is an absolute joy to treat. Missy is now 14 and a half and has never needed a hip replacement!

Missy’s owner had this to say:

“Missy has had weekly Hydrotherapy since her diagnosis and her quality of life has definitely been enhanced by it. She has not needed the hip replacement surgery the vet envisioned would be needed by age 5 and has outlived all of her litter mates. I believe this is in part due to her regular and continuous therapy”.

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