Rabbit owner tips to help you in 2022

You’re doing an excellent job caring for your rabbit, but there’s no harm in discovering ways to do better by your pet, your pocket, and the planet. Clent Hills’ nursing team have come up with some interesting ideas to get your new year off to a great start.   

Read our top tips for rabbit owners  

1. Get your rabbit vaccinated 

If your rabbit’s booster is overdue or they've never been vaccinated we recommend making this a top priority. Rabbit vaccinations protect against deadly diseases - Myxomatosis and both strains of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD-1 & RVHD-2). Our Vets will give your rabbit a nose-to-tail health check at the same time, getting them ready for the year ahead.

Call us about vaccinating your rabbit 

2. Switch to loose fruit & veg at the shops 

Ditch the plastic packaging and opt for fresh food items that are sold loose. You can always take your own food containers and those re-usable material fruit & veg bags. 

3. Choose local, seasonal produce or grow your own 

Buy in-season produce grown in the UK and reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding imported goods. Go one step further and visit your local farm shop in Worcestershire - most grow produce on-site or nearby and use local suppliers. Alternatively, why not grow your own and save money too? Your rabbit will thank you for the fresh ‘garden-to-bowl' goodies. 

4. Make DIY rabbit toys out of eco-friendly materials 

Save money and be more eco-friendly by making toys for your rabbits, here are some great ideas: 

  • Foraging trays: cardboard, scrunched-up newspaper, hay, and rabbit food/treats. 
  • Digging box: large cardboard box, soil, rabbit-friendly plants, and treats. 
  • Treat roll: toilet/kitchen roll cardboard tube, timothy hay, rabbit treats to hide inside. 
  • Veggie kabob: metal hanging treat holder (search ‘rabbit kabob’ on Amazon), rabbit-safe vegetables cut into chunks – go steady on the carrots as these are sugary. 

5. Get an eco-friendly rabbit hutch by choosing pre-loved 

Check freecycle, Facebook marketplace, Shpock, eBay, and other places offering pre-loved a.k.a. second-hand goods. You’ll extend the life of a rabbit hutch or run that would otherwise be thrown away, and you could even upcycle your new item into a 5-star rabbit retreat! 

6. Adopt rather than buy a companion for your bunny 

Did you know that some animal rescue shelters rehome rabbits? Adopting a pet rabbit is a wonderful option as you get to give an abandoned pet a second chance in life. As rabbits need to live in pairs, why not contact your local animal shelter first? The Blue Cross also rehome rabbits – learn more

We hope you enjoyed reading our nursing team’s top tips for rabbit owners and are ready to put your new year plan into action. Here’s a quick reminder to; 

Call us to check or book your rabbit's vaccination

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