Dog friendly Christmas Shopping & Drinks

The run-up to Christmas is usually a busy time spent out and about shopping for gifts & decorations and seeing friends & family. But does this mean your dog has to spend more time home alone? Dogs thrive on attention and time with their favourite human companions. A bored and lonely dog can develop behavioural issues like destroying your belongings, excessive barking, and soiling indoors. 

The solution? Dog friendly days out!

This way, you can spend time with your dog AND tick off your pre-Christmas to-do-list at the same time. Our team have listed some ideas for dog friendly places below; it’s a good idea to check the website and reviews to ensure they are dog friendly before setting off.  

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Clent Hills’ top ideas for places you can take your dog: 

Cafés, restaurants & pubs – With so many dog-friendly options in Worcestershire, why not persuade your friends to meet you at one of them so your dog can hang out too? Remember though, six hours sat under a table in a rowdy pub while you drink and talk with your friends isn't ideal either. We suggest reading some reviews first to see if the establishment is a good fit for you all.  

Pet shops – Pottering around your local pet shop is a great way to make both you and your dog happy. While you’re buying pet products for your dog and as presents for your pet-loving friends, your dog can be basking in the heavenly smells a pet shop has to offer.

Garden centres – Many garden centres these days are dog friendly and of course free to visit. You can often get some lovely Christmas gifts there and enjoy some tea & cake. Your dog will enjoy wandering around, taking in the interesting sights and smells.

Markets & shops – Some fantastic Christmas gifts can be purchased at outdoor markets. Dogs are normally welcome but be careful if they are wary of large crowds. Plus, we bet there are more dog-friendly shops in Worcestershire than you might think, where you can take your dog for a walk while you shop. 

Dog parks & countryside walks – Catch up with friends and family by going for a dog walk! Everyone gets some fresh air and exercise, and your dog gets to be by your side – win win. 

Dog friendly attractions – You may be surprised how many places you can find to take your dog by searching for ‘dog friendly days out near me’. Perfect for that festive fix! Did you know you can walk your dog around the grounds of Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove?

Dog friendly holidays – If you’re planning a Christmas break, check out the wide variety of dog friendly accommodation on websites like Airbnb and - research local dog friendly attractions before you visit too.  

To ensure you are welcomed back to these places time and time again, our team recommends: 

  1. Cleaning up and disposing of your dog’s poops. 
  2. Keeping your dog on a lead (unless you see a sign saying otherwise) and under control. 
  3. Being courteous to business owners and other visitors by not letting your dog eat or urinate on any goods, furniture, or decorations. 

We hope you enjoy some fun times with your canine companion this Christmas. Don’t forget to share your favourite dog friendly places on our Facebook page. 

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If your dog has been spending more time home alone lately and you notice any unusual behaviours, book a Vet appointment with our team.