Winter Indoor Cat and Dog Activities

A brisk wintery walk with your dog can be an invigorating form of exercise for you both. But when is it too cold to walk the dog or expect your cat to want to go outside?

Not all pets will love, or do well in freezing, wet, snowy, severe weather conditions – we all have our limits! If you find your pet point-blank refusing to step outside, or they are shivering (a dog coat will help) or struggling to get about in bad weather, it may be time to batten down the hatches and enjoy some time indoors together instead.* 

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Clent Hills Vets’ nursing team have come up with some fun ways to entertain and exercise dogs and cats indoors, when the weather outside is frightening... Ready to try some? 

  • Step 1: Choose activities based on age & physical ability and choose rewards that you know will motivate your pet. 
  • Step 2: Gather the items you need and prepare your ‘arena’.  
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Indoor activities for dogs 

Exercise & mental stimulation are daily necessities for dogs. To avoid your dog getting cabin fever at your Worcestershire home, try these fun activities. Top tip – a chopped up carrot is a healthy treat option!  

Indoor walkies: Who said dog walks had to be done outdoors? After several laps of your home, you’ll both fancy a hot drink and a nap - dog lead optional. 

Dog puzzles: You can buy dog boredom breaker puzzles and toys online or make your own games. Try the shell game – you need cups and treats to hide under them, switch them around and get your dog to find the treat. 

Fun physio: Getting your dog to sit-to-stand a few times is good for strengthening muscles, as is standing with their front paws on a wobble board and following a treat with their head in all directions. Weaving, doing full turns, and giving paws with a little stretch are great for mobility too. Add treats as rewards and you have yourself a happy dog! If your dog has an injury, always follow the advice of your Vet. 

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Indoor activities for cats

Most cats love lying on a warm radiator so you may find they choose to stay indoors more at this time of year anyway. As they could do with a little extra activity, try these fun ideas below: 

Build a cat gym: Use cardboard boxes & tubes, make places for your cat to climb & hide in. 

Catch the mouse: Get your cat to chase a toy on a piece of string - these are easy to make at home if you don’t have one. Let them catch it sometimes to satisfy their prey drive.  

Scatter feed: Hide treats or your cat’s meal-time kibble around your home for them to find – this could keep them busy for a while! 

Tricks: It’s not just dogs who can learn new tricks and commands. Some clever (and willing) cats can also learn a thing or two for the right reward. 

We hope you enjoy trying the indoor activities our nursing team have suggested for your pet, and can forget all about the miserable Worcestershire weather outside. 

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*It’s important to note that indoor activities are likely to be less energetic that your pet’s usual outdoor adventures, so they should only be a temporary measure until it’s reasonable for your pet to head on outdoors again.