Cut the cost of routine pet bills

As the rising cost of living continues to challenge nearly everyone, finding the cash to care for pets can be a major concern for owners. Yet our furry companions are an important part of the family, so we feel compelled to ensure that our pets receive the best possible care. One way to address the issue of cost is by enrolling your pet in Clent Hills Vets’ pet healthcare plan.

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Financially, there’s never been a more appropriate time to at least consider the benefits of joining our Pet Health Club. Not only could joining save you money, but it may also positively impact the general health of your pet and even boost your own mental wellbeing.    

At Clent Hills Vets, we offer a pet healthcare plan for dogs, cats, and rabbits. 

Three financial reasons to join our Pet Health Club 

1.    Save money on your pet’s care 

You can save up to £242 a year* on the cost of your pet's routine healthcare by joining the plan. Investing in the routine elements of pet healthcare (check-ups, vaccinations, and flea & worm treatments) is typically much more expensive if you purchase them individually.

2.    Fix & predict costs 

As you pay for our health plan with regular monthly instalments, it’s much easier to budget for the basic healthcare of your pet if you are on the plan. Also, once you’re signed up, the cost of your plan is normally fixed for 12 months.*

3.    Get value-added offers

When you join our plan, you’ll be offered exclusive discounts on selected products and treatments. You can see the latest offers for plan members on our Pet Health Club web page.

If your pet is not already on our plan, then why not work out the savings you could make if you joined? To do this visit our Pet Health Club web page or drop our friendly team a line and they’ll do a cost comparison for you. 

Two more benefits of joining our Pet Health Club 

1.   Prevention is better than cure 

By signing up to our plan your pet will get their annual check-up, vaccinations, flea & worm treatments. Pets that get basic preventative healthcare are generally healthier than those who do not.  

2.   Peace of mind 

Given the financial pressures on most households, locking in a cheaper and more predictable cost for your pet’s basic pet healthcare can reduce stress for owners.  

The best value pet health plan in Bromsgrove, Hagley & Rubery? 

We might not be the cheapest, but we believe we offer one of the best value pet healthcare schemes in Bromsgrove, Hagley, and Rubery. The actual price of joining our Pet Health Club simply depends on whether you have a dog, cat, or rabbit. Find out the costs of protecting your pet by calling our friendly team or checking out the info on our plan page.

* Savings vary by pet, please contact us for a comparison. 

** See plan terms and conditions. 

Find out about our Pet Health Club