12 new activities for you & your dog

Have you made any New Year's Resolutions yet? There’s still time! The team at our Hagley vet practice recommend trying new things and getting out more with your dog (or dogs) to improve health and wellbeing.  

In this article, our vet nurses have identified 12 things to do with your dog in 2023. We’d love to see your dogs enjoying some new adventures so please do share your pics on our Facebook page and tag them with #ClentHillsPets2023 

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12 activities to try with your dog this year: 

1. UK Agility at your local club2

2. Visit a dog-friendly beach

3. Hoopers UK

4. A fun swim at our Hydrotherapy pool

5. Dog-friendly National Trust days out 

6. Scentwork classes 

7. See if there are any muddy dog runs near Hagley or further afield 

8. Take a walk in your local forests with Forestry Commission 

9. Teach your dog a new trick  

10. Paddleboarding at a dog-friendly centre 

11. Look for mind-stimulating toys that you can play with them, or make your own 

12. Or if you want to keep it completely cost-free, switch up dog walks by trying new routes or introducing some simple agility exercises while       you're walking:
       a. For your dog - move them around posts, up & down curbs, hill climbs, etc
       b. For you - add in a few squats, lunges and jumping jacks along the way or when your dog stops to have a sniff! 

According to our Hagley vets, new challenges can really help stimulate your dog’s mind and body. These can range from very energetic activities like agility or paddle-boarding to more gentle activities such as Hoopers or Scentwork training.  

Just being in a new environment can have a huge impact not just physically but mentally too. Engaging their brain by introducing them to new activities and places can have so many beneficial effects, so why not make it a goal for 2023 to try new things?  

First, check your pet’s health  

Before your dog takes on any new challenges, you should make sure their health is in good condition before pursuing an activity that may be difficult or put too much stress on them physically. Get in touch with our veterinary team to arrange a health check. 

If you have an older pet or one who struggles with strenuous activity then there are still ways to adapt the activities to suit them. You could find shorter, easier walks or activities such as Hoopers that are designed for those who struggle with impactful exercise. 

Please do share your photos on our Facebook page so our team can see your pets having the best times! 

Share your photos of your dog loving life on Facebook