2023 goals for small furry pets

As with every new year, many of us will now be thinking about what our goals and challenges are going to be to help refocus ourselves. Exercising more and trying something new seem to be popular goals. Our pets can also be a part of that focus for looking ahead and thinking of how we want to build on our relationships with them and further enrich their lives.  

Our Bromsgrove nursing team have come up with some ideas below for your rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small furry pets in 2023. 

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Setting goals 

Setting goals for our relationship with our pets can come in all sorts of different ways. Our vet nurses <link to team page> recommend that using this opportunity at the beginning of a new year to help improve our pets’ lives is a great way to identify where we can make improvements and then implement them.  

A few suggested goals may be: 

  • To change enrichment objects and activities more regularly to help with mental stimulation 
  • To expose your pets to new activities or games 
  • To get into a routine for giving them regular home health checks or grooming sessions 
  • To build or buy a new living area or expand on their current one 

Goals don’t need to be expensive or take masses of time but just consider what little improvements you could make to help your small furry friends have a more enjoyable life.

Get your pet checked with one of our veterinary surgeons at Bromsgrove, Hagley, or Rubery, to ensure they are in tip-top condition for 2023.

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