Cats & Cars – Winter Safety Tips

Winter time can be a dangerous for cats, especially when it comes to cars – and we’re talking even before they leave the driveway. Our Vet, Alun Edwards, has some important advice for cat owners in Worcestershire on how to keep their cats safe this season. 

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Car winter warmers 

When it’s cold outside, cats will instinctively find somewhere warm to take shelter. If that’s outside, your cat may head for a car. 

According to Alun, cats are often attracted to the warmth of a car's engine and may crawl up under the bonnet to take shelter from the cold. This can be a major problem, as the car's engine can become very hot when it is running and can cause serious injury (or worse) to your cat. 

To prevent this from happening, it is wise to check your car's engine before starting it, especially on cold winter days. Make sure to look under the bonnet, around the front of the car and under the wheel arches to ensure there aren’t any cats hiding there.  

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Car accidents 

Another winter danger for cats in relation to cars is the risk of being hit by a vehicle. Cats are often drawn to roads (and driveways) where they may be at risk of being struck by a passing car. To prevent this from happening, it is important to encourage your cat indoors more during the winter months, especially at night, and, if possible, try to supervise them when they are outside.  

Alun recommends that all cat owners in Worcestershire should get their cats microchipped as soon as possible. If your cat is microchipped already, are your contact details up to date? It can be upsetting to think about, but the reality is that a microchip may be the only way for our team at Clent Hills Vets or another vet practice, to contact you if your cat is brought in after an accident. 

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If you have persuaded your cat to wear a collar (well done you!), you should keep their identification tags up to date too, in case they do get lost or injured. 

Overall, winter can be a dangerous time for cats, especially when it comes to cars. To protect your cat, remember to check your car's engine before starting it and around the car, and encourage your cat indoors more or supervise them when they are outside. By taking these precautions, you can help to keep your cat safe and warm during the cold winter months. 

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