How to occupy cats when you're at work

Despite the fact that cats sleep for up to 18 hours a day, they are highly intelligent and curious animals that require daily mental and physical stimulation. This can seem difficult to achieve when you’re out at work, or even working from home for the day and need to minimise cat disturbances! 

There are lots of ways to keep your cat entertained when you are out or busy. Our Bromsgrove vet nurses are sharing their top tricks to keep your pet amused at home. If, after reading our article you can think of any we have missed, share your top tricks on our Facebook page

Games and Toys 

Below are some of the best recreational activities for your cat:

1. Empty toilet paper rolls - DIY cat toys are just as effective as expensive ones. 

2.  Rotating toys - These will constantly keep your kitty occupied. 

3.  Cardboard boxes - Often, cats like to explore new areas and smells, they may even choose to hide away in them! 

4.  Food puzzles - Not only will this mentally challenge your cat, but it will also help them to stay a healthy weight. 


1. Cat trees - These can encourage jumping and natural behaviour, as they can watch what is going on from up high. 

2. Scratching Posts - They will help prevent your cat from scratching your furniture as they release their natural urges to scratch onto the post. 

3.  Leave the blinds open or have a cat shelf next to the window - This way your cat could find entertainment simply by watching passers-by. 

Training, Trecking & Company

1. Cat training - Cats can be trained to respond to a clicker; this is especially helpful if you are trying to bring your outdoor cat indoors for the winter. 

2. Walkies - Depending on your cat’s temperament, they may enjoy time outside on a leash to experience new smells and sights – a walk before you leave should help them settle in for the day. 

3. Company – Whether cats love feline company or not is a very individual thing. If you think your cat would be ok with it, you may want to introduce a companion for them slowly and patiently to avoid fighting. A bit of feline company can increase happiness and decrease anxiety. 

Hopefully, you find our Bromsgrove team's tips useful when it comes to trying them out for yourselves, but if you find something even better then let us know. 

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