Why small furry pets need vets

Small furries can be quite hardy little pets once safely inside your home. Like all animals though, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats have their own common illnesses and health issues.

It’s always a good idea to register your small furry pet with a vet right away. This enables the vet to get to know your pet and what’s normal for them. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind that if your pet does have any health issues, they’ll be treated by a vet you know and trust.

Register your pet

Clent Hills Vets' experienced Kidderminster Road team has been treating small furry pets for many years, all with their individual personalities and quirks.

Our vets and nurses can help you with:

  • General health checks for lumps & bumps, and to make sure they’re in tip top condition.
  • Advice on nutrition, enrichment, environment, exercise, hibernation, and more.
  • Treatment for parasites, injuries and illnesses - Rodents are prone to falls inside and outside their cage, and each species suffers with common illnesses and parasites.
  • Dental care – Teeth problems are common and can affect your pet’s ability to eat & drink.
  • Pregnancy – You may not have any plans to breed your pet, however, some new owners find their female pet is already expecting. This can be problematic for female guinea pigs over six months old if this is their first pregnancy, as they will likely need a caesarean.
  • Neutering – Some small furries, like hamsters, prefer living alone or in same sex pairs. For male/female combinations, the male is typically neutered. Some female small furries can benefit from being neutered to prevent Pyometra and Mammary Tumours.

Once your pet is registered with us our team can provide the appropriate healthcare for their individual needs. You can also talk to us about common rodent health problems and any concerns you might have. 

Common Hamster illnesses include: Abscesses, Bar Rub, ‘Circling’, Coughs/Colds, Dehydration, Ear/Eye Problems, Injuries & Falls, Hibernation, Lumps/Growths, Overgrown Nails & Teeth, Parasites, Respiratory Infections, Stroke, Urinary Issues, Hamster Wet Tail.

Common Gerbil illnesses include: Abscesses, Allergic Reactions, Broken Limbs, Coughs and Colds, Dehydration, Diarrhoea, Ear & Eye Problems, Fits, Hypothermia, Overgrown Nails & Teeth, Parasites & Infections, Stroke, Tumours, Tyzzer’s Disease.

Common Guinea Pig illnesses include: Ileus (appetite loss & fewer stools), Ectoparasites, Uterine & Ovarian Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Uroliths (infrequent & bloody urine).

Common Pet Rat illnesses include: Eye Problems, Skin/Coat Conditions, Dental Diseases, Respiratory Illnesses, Tumours.

Common Mice illnesses include: Bacterial Pneumonia, Parasites, Skin Disease, Viral Infections.

Alun and the rest of Clent Hills Vets' team are looking forward to meeting your small furry pet, so why not register with us today?