Guide to a Happy Cat

How well do you know your cat? Cats are actually quite easy to read and there are some sure signs that will indicate whether they’re happy, which our head nurse Chrissie Poke has pulled together here.

The team at Worcestershire has also compiled a happy cat checklist which goes into more detail so you can be sure your pet is content.

Access our happy cat checklist

Purring is the single most obvious signal that your cat is feeling comfortable and settled, but it’s not the only marker of happiness. Here are some more common signals of a contented kitty.

  • Relaxed posture – a happy cat won’t show any signs of stiffness when it’s lying down.
  • Kneading on your lap – a throwback to kittenhood and nesting.
  • Greeting you warmly – you can tell if a cat is pleased to see you as it will rub around your legs when you walk into a room.
  • Being playful – if your cat wants to play it’s definitely in a good mood.
  • Looking good – a happy cat will keep itself well-groomed and may even groom you.
  • Noises – listen out for a higher pitched meow, which is an indication of contentment, as opposed to a lower one, which will probably signal grumpiness.
  • A good appetite – if your cat is eating well it’s in a good head space.

So there you go – that’s your happy cat summed up in a nutshell, but if you’re still unsure one of our friendly staff will be happy to guide you when you contact us. And remember, there’s more information on our happy cat checklist.

Access our happy cat checklist.