10 books every animal lover should read

If you’ve been searching for the perfect book to read this Autumn, look no further. Our vets and nurses have scoured online bookstores and have put together their list of the top 10 books every animal lover should read. Check them out and tell us if you like them. Why not go one better and share your favourite animal reads on our Facebook page and we’ll update our list! 

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Here’s our top ten… 

1. The Art of Racing in the Rain – Heart-warming story about a golden retriever’s dream to become a racing driver, and the friendship and devotion he shares with his family. This tale has also been made into a movie starring Milo Ventimiglia, with Kevin Costner as the voice of Enzo the dog - definitely not one to be missed! 

2. A Street Cat Named Bob – This is a true story about a ginger cat living rough in London adopting a homeless man. Their unlikely friendship changes both of their lives forever. You can also watch the movie. 

3. Marley & Me - We recommend spending a lazy afternoon reading (or watching) faithful retriever Marley, growing up & growing old with his human family.  

4. Box Inspector & Other Important Jobs for Cats - You’ll chuckle as you flick through this cute collection of amusing cat comics, lessons, and insights into which jobs cats were simply born to do. 

5. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund - Must-have coffee table book about a tiny, larger-than-life sausage dog and his pals living their best lives - you can’t help falling in love with them. 

6. A Friend Like Henry - Read this inspirational account of how a talented and loving dog helps a family struggling to break into their autistic son’s world. 

7. A Dog’s Purpose - Remarkable tale of one dog’s journey through several different lives, trying to discover why he, and sometimes she, is here. Dennis Quaid stars in the film adaptation of this book.    

8. Esther the Wonder Pig - Story of a designer micro piglet who turns out to be anything but micro, and her owners, who definitely got more than they bargained for.   

9. The Secret Life of Pets - Whichever book you choose from this franchise your little ones won’t be disappointed. Makes you wonder what your pets get up to when you’re at work though... 

10. Eddie Albert and the Amazing Animal Gang: The Amsterdam Adventure – This one is at number ten just because we’ve not had a chance to read it yet as its brand new this month! We thought it looked fun though - Eddie Albert is an ordinary boy with a secret talent, who is friends with a hamster, two goldfish, and a crow, all with their own adventures to share. Written by Paul O’Grady. Have you read this yet?  

Like we said, now you’ve seen our picks why not share them on Facebook with your animal-loving friends, and let’s see if they agree.  

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