Giving your cat a happy & healthy life

Cat ownership comes with the responsibility of making sure they lead a happy and healthy life. We can provide you with practical advice and a range of healthcare to help you do just that.

Get Gold Standard Healthcare for your cat for only £15.60 per month


Benefits include monthly flea & worm treatments, 6-month health & dental nurse check-ups, annual vaccinations & vet check, plus a range of extra benefits and discounts. Easy monthly payments save you money and give you peace of mind that your best friend is getting the care and attention they deserve.


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A happy & healthy life

Cats are very individual characters and masters of disguise when it comes to illness. Having a checkup every 6 – 12 months can help your cat to stay in tip-top condition. Book a health check today with one of our vets or nurses and let’s talk about your cat’s individual healthcare needs. Are you looking for new kitten advice?

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