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Seniors & geriatrics

As your pet ages, their healthcare needs will change. Let us help you make life healthier and easier for your ageing pet. Book an appointment with our nursing team today.

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Ageing Pet Assessment

Animals’ healthcare needs change as they get older; so that we can provide the right type of care at each stage of their life, it’s helpful to understand how your pet behaves in their home environment and if their behaviour has changed recently.

Changes in your pet’s behaviour

During your pet’s ageing assessment our nurses will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire about any recent behavioural changes such as decreased mobility, excessive licking or chewing of joints, diarrhoea, hearing problems, lethargy, incontinence, skin lumps or bumps and weight change, to name a few.

Recommended course of action

Once assessed, our nursing team may recommend one or a combination of the following; referral to our arthritic clinic; referral to our weight & diet clinic; referral to our cat wellness clinic; appointment with one of our vets if they are showing any signs of illness; practical advice on how you can change your pet’s routine and environment to better suit their ageing needs.

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